Referee shades Patriots’ clock operator during game

© Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

As an NFL referee, it’s critical to pay attention to every little detail during a game. When official John Hussey noticed the clock operator at Gillette Stadium make an egregious mistake that favored the New England Patriots, he didn’t hesitate to shade him in front of a national audience.

In the fourth quarter of Saturday’s game, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen threw an incomplete pass to his receiver with four minutes and 20 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

The clock should have stopped, instead, it continued to run and kept ticking down for another 24 seconds. Hussey noticed, turned on his microphone and threw immediate shade at the clock operator.

What could have been another ugly moment for the NFL and a new controversy surrounding the Patriots, instead resulted in fans seeing an NFL official throw shade at someone publicly.

There have been plenty of missed calls and ridiculous mistakes made by officials this year. Fortunately, they caught this clock error and Hussey had a little fun in the process.