Reebok stands behind Ronda Rousey after crushing loss to Amanda Nunes

Following a devastating first round knockout loss to Amanda Nunes in UFC 207, Ronda Rousey received a vote of confidence from her biggest sponsor in Reebok.

“Reebok stands with Ronda 100%.  Our partnership is about far more than wins or losses. Reebok remains firmly in Ronda’s corner,” the company told TMZ Sports.

With sponsorships being a fickle business, often based on production and winning, it’s good to see that Reebok realizes that despite the loss Ronda Rousey is still a key figure to youth across the country.

While Rousey may never be a champion again, Reebok is sticking by the fighter they have sponsored since 2014 — a time when Ronda was at the top of the UFC.

Now that Rousey has branched into acting, much like Dwayne Johnson, Reebok sticking by her will make all the sense in the world as she expands her exposure to the public — putting both herself and Reebok in the minds of consumers everywhere.