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Randy Shannon’s hot take about players skipping bowl games is the worst

Jesse Reed
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A growing trend around the nation in recent years is that top collegiate players set to enter the NFL draft are choosing to protect their bodies and sit out bowl games.

Now comes the hottest of takes on this subject.

Current UCF defensive coordinator Randy Shannon — safe to say — is not a fan of players who make the decision to sit out bowl games.

“My opinion, it probably will fester more and more in college. And then now the NFL is going to have to make a decision,” Shannon said, speaking with ESPN. “If you draft a young man that leaves early and now you’re not a playoff team, that young man [is] going to say, ‘I’m not going to play.’ Same situation. Right, wrong or indifferent.”

Wow. Talk about false equivalency. Shannon wasn’t done yet, either.

He said he thinks “a lot of coaches will think that way,” and suggested players who sit out bowl games will “tank it” in the NFL.

“If a team is 6-9, no chance of them making the playoffs, are they going to play or are they going to tank it?” Shannon said. “Especially if you’re on the last year of your contract, option year.

Given the fact that these players are at risk of quite literally losing out on millions of dollars should they suffer catastrophic injury in a bowl game, it’s just good business sense to stay away. Especially because…well, you know…they’re banned from making any money whatsoever at the collegiate level, despite the fact that the NCAA is literally making billions off their talents.

NFL players get paid. That’s the point. So, to say a player sitting out a bowl game so as to protect themselves from losing out on the opportunity to be drafted high is going to be inclined to sit out NFL games is taking a gargantuan leap in logic.

It’s also just wrong. Just ask guys like Bradley Chubb, Christian McCaffrey, Derwin James, etc., etc. These players are working their tails off at the pro level and have done nothing but impress since leaving the collegiate ranks.

Skipping bowl games isn’t for everyone. But guys who do it shouldn’t be excoriated for making a sound business decision.