Rams won’t tell Jared Goff or Carson Wentz who they will draft No. 1

By Jesse Reed

The Los Angeles Rams are either still debating who they are taking No. 1 overall or they are following league orders to remain mum on the subject. Either way, neither Jared Goff nor Carson Wentz will get a phone call until right before they are called up to the podium on Thurasday night in Chicago, per Pro Football Talk.

“We’ll get in touch with the player just before putting the card in,” head coach Jeff Fisher said. “There’s only a few things better in life than this phone call, these phone calls that are going to take place Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It’s a great opportunity and we don’t want to deny our pick the opportunity to experience that.”

There is a rumor, shared by Draft Insider’s Tony Pauline on the Philadelphia Eagles website, that the NFL has told the Rams to keep quiet about who they’re taking, even if they already know. The logic is that the NFL wants to keep the suspense up for as long as possible to drive ratings through the roof on draft night, Thursday, April 28.

Still, unless someone in power is playing a huge joke on everyone else, the entire league knows the Rams are taking Goff out of Cal at the top. That would leave the Eagles with Carson Wentz, and you have to believe that’s the case, given how much the Eagles gave up to land the No. 2 pick after the Rams took the first pick.

It likely doesn’t matter too much to the players to remain in the dark when it’s all said and done. That said, the waiting game must be killing them in the meantime.