Rajon Rondo: Derek Fisher ‘might have blacked out’ in 2008 finals

By Michael Dixon

Rajon Rondo did not take too kindly to former New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher’s comments about his ability to beat the triangle offense. Ian Begley of ESPN quoted the Sacramento Kings point guard, who had some strong words to say about the former Lakers guard.

“He might have blacked out a couple of times (when) we beat their a– in ’08,” Rondo told a small group of reporters after the Kings’ shootaround on Sunday morning. “They got us back in ’10. He just might’ve had a moment where he was a little frustrated with my comment.”

Those comments came in response to words that Fisher made when he was still coaching the Knicks. Rondo had previously told Begley that the triangle “wasn’t a good look for him.”

When Fisher talked to Begley about Rondo’s words, he mentioned Rondo’s perceived inability to handle the triangle.

“You can’t ask a guy that wasn’t very successful playing against it whether or not he wants to come play in it,” Fisher said. “So that’s his opinion, that’s fine. He doesn’t play for us. So we’re not concerned about his opinion about us at this point.”

Fisher’s comments were definitely a little excessive. While Rondo is clearly not a fan of the triangle offense that Fisher is familiar with, his initial comments said nothing terribly harsh about the offense or anyone that runs it. Saying that the offense isn’t “a good look” doesn’t exactly warrant an insulting response.

With all of that in mind, Rondo’s most recent comments were fine. It is interesting that while the Celtics beat the Lakers in 2008 and lost to them in 2010, the triangle offense was statistically better for Los Angeles in 2008. In their six-game defeat to Boston, the Lakers averaged just under 94 points per game. In their seven-game win, they averaged less than 91.

Now that Fisher is unemployed, it will be interesting to see if he has anything to say in response to his former rival.