Raiders’ Matt Schaub Not Planning Retirement

With the emergence of Oakland Raiders’ rookie quarterback Derek Carr late in the preseason, it would naturally pose the speculation of Matt Schaub possibly considering retirement.

Apparently, the 11-year quarterback, whose latest injury is a spell of elbow tendinitis, is not planning on throwing in the towel anytime soon. Schaub had this to report to the Houston Chronicle this week regarding his possible retirement from the NFL (h/t 

Definitely not. I’ve got plenty of football left in me, plenty left to give.

The question is do the Raiders or anyone else want what Schaub has to give? Schaub has been spiraling downhill at a tremendous rate, and was not comfortably passing for more than 10-15 yards during the preseason.

The 34-year-old looks to remain a backup to Carr at this time, and his future beyond his one-year commitment with the Raiders is not guaranteed.

While other NFL quarterbacks in their mid-30’s are thriving, it would appear Schaub’s boat has already sailed.