Raiders looking for ‘family friendly’ environment in Las Vegas

By Rachel Wold
Mar 21, 2017; Las Vegas, NV, USA; General overall view of NFL official Wilson Duke football at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign on the Las Vegas Blvd. on the Las Vegas strip. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The words “family-friendly” and Las Vegas, otherwise known as Sin City, are not typically used within the same sentence.

Though, that is not stopping the Oakland Raiders’ management from wanting a family-oriented new stadium in Las Vegas. LV Stadium Company COO Don Webb had this to share on Thursday about plans for the new stadium.

“But we want the stadium to be not only a safe environment, but we want it to be perceived as a family-friendly environment,” Webb said, per Richard N. Velotta of Las Vegas Review-Journal. “So I think there will be some changes, frankly, to the fan base when the team moves to Las Vegas and the method of operating the stadium. I think I’ll leave it there, but the team ownership and team management is very keen on projecting the right image when this team comes to Las Vegas.”

A family-friendly stadium located in a primarily adult-oriented city is a really tall order. Even outside of Las Vegas, the atmosphere where the Raiders currently play in Oakland is far from family-friendly.

Fans dress to the nines in some pretty scary Raiders gear that makes a lot of Halloween horror costumes look tame. It is hard to believe the Raiders’ organization is going to convince die-hard black hole fans to stash away the skulls and masks for polo shirts and loafers.

It should be interesting to see fans actually take Webb’s wishes into account once the new stadium opens. At least they have a few more seasons to revamp their Raiders dress-up attire.