Is Raiders Brock Bowers the next Hall of Fame tight end?

Brock Bowers Las Vegas Raiders NFL Draft
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The Las Vegas Raiders surprised most analysts and draft prognosticators when they selected Georgia tight end Brock Bowers with the No. 13 overall pick in last week’s NFL Draft. This decision caught many off guard but could potentially reshape their offense after a season where they struggled to score points.

During a recent conversation with Chip Towers on the Silver and Black Today Raiders’ podcast, Towers, who has covered the SEC and Georgia Bulldogs football since 1985 for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, shared valuable insights into what kind of player and leader in Brock Bowers, the Raiders are adding to their team. He believes Brock Bowers has the ability and football smarts to be the game-changer the Raiders need.

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Brock Bowers is not just “another tight end”

Brock Bowers Las Vegas Raiders
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Towers said that while Bowers is an impressive young man off the field, on the field he’s all business and a player who can do just about anything on offense—something that was overlooked by those who just classified him as a tight end.

“I don’t think he gets enough credit as a devastating blocker.”

Chip Towers, Georgia Bulldogs beat writer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“It’s not fair to label Brock Bowers simply as a tight end because he brings so much more to the table,” Towers said on the podcast. “I mean, he’s an H-back, a fullback, a running back — he did all those positions while at Georgia. He’s a great wingback, you know, from a standpoint if he can run some of those counters and I don’t think he gets enough credit as a devastating blocker.”

His ability to fill various roles on offense and his strong blocking skills make him a versatile threat on the field and help his quarterbacks. Towers also pointed out how well Bowers’s skill set aligns with Raiders offensive coordinator Luke Getsy’s approach of establishing a solid running game while utilizing run-pass option (RPO) strategies.

“My understanding of offensive coordinator Luke Getsy is that he’s a run-first guy, and I think this works wonderfully with Brock Bowers,” Towers said. “Because he is a conflict, a human conflict when he lines up that out there. Whether it’s a line of scrimmage, or just off the ball, or out in the slot, which they do with him sometimes, he’s a conflict. Are they gonna run that way, or are they gonna throw it to him?”

Brock Bowers college career stats: 175 receptions, 2,538 yards, 14.5 yards per catch, 26 touchdowns, 19 rushing attempts, 193 yards, 10.2 yards per carry, five touchdowns.

The discussion also delved into Bowers’ surprising drop to the 13th pick in the draft, which left many—including Towers—taken aback.

“I haven’t really been thinking much about the Raiders and him,” Towers confessed, highlighting the element of surprise in NFL drafts. However, he quickly acknowledged Bowers’ undeniable talent, hinting that he could be compared to NFL legends like Travis Kelce and George Kittle in terms of impact and skill.

When discussing Bowers’ college career, Towers portrayed him as a player who meets and surpasses expectations with his sharp football instincts and physical abilities.

“Brock Bowers is like a human puzzle on the field,” remarked Towers. “Somebody just has to get him the ball Look, they don’t have to throw a 25-30 yard aerial down the field into double coverage. That’s what’s great about Brock Bower. Just get the ball into his hands and a little bit of space; he’ll do the rest.”

Towers referred to his ability to befuddle defenses, whether blocking or receiving, which is why he’s such a great asset to any offense. His performance in college showcased his readiness for professional play through a mix of speed, agility and scoring.

“This is a guy that has a high level of comprehension when it comes to zone versus man versus,
you know, the hot read,” Towers said. “Because, you know, you may do one thing based on the coverage
and you may do another thing based on the coverage. He mastered that as a freshman so I think he comes to Las Vegas as a very sophisticated offensive player.”

I have no questions that, personally, Brock Bowers will be an All-Pro eventually and
and, you know, dare I say the Hall of Fame. I may be missing it but I think he’s that kind of player

Chip Towers, Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Brock Bowers’ future

And while many thought the pick was in conflict with the tight end the Raiders selected in the second round of the NFL Draft in 2023, he’s clearly not. Michael Mayer is a pass-catching tight end, but more in a traditional mode. Bowers is not and has much more versatility which is why his selection made sense.

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The Bowers family’s athleticism

Brock Bowers Las Vegas Raiders
Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Beyond the game, Bowers’ character shines just as brightly. Described by Towers as a “pretty decent guy,” his maturity and approachable nature indicate that he will adjust smoothly to the professional setting. Coming from a family of athletes, with his father being a former offensive center and his mother a softball pitcher, Bowers has grown up with a deep passion for the sport and a dedication to excellence.

That toughness and versatility partially attracted Raiders general manager Tom Telesco to Bowers in the first place. Knowing how and where he played in college made it clear he was a stellar player.

“He’s tough. And when you when you play at Georgia, as a tight end, you have to be able to block,” Telesco said after selecting Bowers last Thursday. “And in the SEC, he’s played against some real defenders. But he’s an athletic move receiving tight end, but he can get down and block a bit on the line of scrimmage, which you’re going to have to do at this level, too. So, this kind of shows you what his game’s like.”

The Raiders are about to welcome more than just a football player in Brock Bowers — they are gaining a leader who can impact games in various ways. His impressive college career against tough opponents and his ability to shine under pressure speak volumes. Bowers’ versatility will be crucial as the Raiders aim to awaken their offense. His knack for adjusting to different roles and scenarios will likely establish him as a key player in the Raiders’ offense for years.

Towers was clear about his thoughts on Brock Bowers’s impact on the Raiders: “He’s going to elevate everyone around him.,” Towers said.

With Bowers on board, the Raiders aren’t just getting another tight end. Las Vegas is investing in a potential game-changer who could reshape their approach to the offense. Raider Nation has every reason to feel excited about this promising young talent.

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