Raiders’ Derek Carr has hilarious take on Philip Rivers

By Vincent Frank
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has nothing but great things to say about fellow AFC West rival, Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers.

As the two prepare to do battle in Southern California this coming weekend, Carr showered Rivers in praise. Though, there was one exception. He’s not about to bring as many children into the world as his older counterpart.

We’re pretty sure this quote represents a vast majority of men out there. At 36 years old, Rivers has fathered eight children with his wife, Tiffany. In fact, he hopes to add even more to the pack.

It’s simply amazing that Rivers is out here still wanting to have children. Maybe, it’s his way of creating his own little football team for when he ultimately hangs them up.

For his part, Carr has a youngster named Dallas. No word yet on whether he was named after the Cowboys. That probably wouldn’t sit well with Raiders fans the world over, would it?