Pierre Garcon says Legal Marijuana could help his Pizza Business

Now that marijuana is legal in Washington D.C., the effects of it – meaning the “munchies” – could help drive more customers into SpinFire Pizza, which is owned by Washington Redskins’ wide receiver Pierre Garcon.

Reporters with TMZ Sports caught up with Garcon walking on the streets of D.C. and asked him if he is happy with the new legalization and what it means for his pizza business. Garcon, who appeared to be entertained by the conversation, happily answered with this:

Hopefully, it helps my business, but hopefully, not too many people get in trouble with the marijuana in the league.

From pizza to pot to Peyton to the President, enjoy the interview…

The reporter also mentioned Garcon’s competition in Denver Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning who currently owns 21 Papa John’s businesses. Garcon said he is working hard to Manning’s level, yet he’ll have to go some as Garcon only has two currently.

Garcon also claimed he would love for President Barack Obama to stop by SpinFire Pizza and that he would have him in and out in 90 seconds.

Photo: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports