Peyton Manning: ‘I’ll be pulling for Brock Osweiler’

By Rachel Wold

This season former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning can sit back, relax and watch football for the first time in 22 years.

While he plans to attend some Denver Broncos games and root for the Indianapolis Colts, Manning will also be cheering on former teammate Brock Osweiler this fall.

As Manning stated, he is indeed a free agent, so to speak. This means he can rightfully wish for success for his former backup and friend he worked with the past four seasons.

Osweiler started in seven games for the Broncos last year when Manning struggled and dealt with a lingering foot injury. Eventually, Manning resumed his starting role and was the featured quarterback in February’s Super Bowl victory.

During free agency, Manning retired, while Osweiler was offered a starting role and lucrative contract by the Houston Texans, too sweet to be turned down.

It is nice to see that Manning doesn’t seems to harbor any ill feelings about Osweiler’s decision to do what was best for himself, which meant bolting from the Broncos. Brother Eli will also be among those Manning will be cheering on this year.

Although, we have yet to hear a report that Manning is on the Mark Sanchez support group. That might just go without saying, as we’re sure Manning also wishes his former team much success in 2016.