Patriots’ Locker Room Attendant Jim McNally says Tom Brady “Sucks”

Deflategate is back in the news headlines and the Wells report findings are in. Unfortunately for New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, things do not look well for the reining Super Bowl champ and his alleged awareness of the locker room and equipment attendants reportedly deflating footballs.

One thing we can conclude is that Patriots’ locker room attendant Jim McNally thinks Brady sucks. Here is a text exchange between McNally and equipment assitant John Jastremski. Besides using the word “sucks”, McNally uses an overdose of word that rhymes with it which we have blurred out in this text capture image.

Courtesy: Twitter

Courtesy: Twitter

After reading this text conversation that dates back to October of 2014 and seeing words like needle and new kicks, we can only wonder exactly how long these shenanigans have been going on.

Unfortunately McNally’s sad opinion of Brady will be the least of his worries once this story concludes and all is said and done.

It sounds like Brady’s balls have reportedly been far less than perfect for quite some time. Enjoy.

Photo: Patriots.com