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Patrick Mahomes expresses interest in playing Olympic flag football

There’s no question Patrick Mahomes is the best NFL quarterback today. But what about in flag football? Would his status as the league’s best change? Probably not, and he’d certainly take fewer hits in the pocket.

At the end of the day, football is still football, and Mahomes says he’d be interested in taking his talent to flag football too.

That’s a fascinating note, considering the current plans to begin playing Olympic flag football in 2028, which Mahomes says he’d like to be a part of. Here was his comment on the matter when asked about the topic ahead of his Week 9 matchup, set to take place in Germany as part of the NFL International Series.

“I definitely want to, but I’ve seen some of those guys play flag football and their a little faster than I am. There’s not like lineman blocking for you, so I’ll be 31, 32 years old. If I can still move around then I’ll try to get out there and throw the football around maybe in LA, just don’t tell Coach Reid or Veach or anybody.”

Patrick Mahomes discusses interest in Olympic flag football

If Mahomes’ interest is genuine, he wouldn’t be the only one with an eye on the 2028 Summer Olympics. His former teammate Tyreek Hill and retired tight end Rob Gronkowski have also expressed an interest in representing the nation while playing flag football.

If Mahomes, Hill, and Gronk are lined up on one side of the ball, good luck to any opponent who dares cross their path, even if each athlete will be far past their prime by 2028 (except Mahomes, he’ll still just be 33). Either way, with stars like these, there should be plenty of intrigue heading into the Olympics.

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