Padres: ‘We do not have a deal’ with Manny Machado

Just minutes after reports broke that the San Diego Padres have come to an agreement with Manny Machado, the team has shot that notion down.

Dennis Lin of The Athletic shared Padres executive chairman Ron Fowler’s comment on the matter: “We do not have a deal. We are continuing discussions.”

The reported deal would be the richest free agency deal in MLB history — a 10-year, $300 million contract.

At this point, it’s unclear just how far apart the two sides might be.

The Padres have been hot for Machado and Bryce Harper for a couple of weeks now, and the team sent general manager A.J. Preller to Miami last week to meet with Machado and his wife.

Likely, we’ll have more clarity on this situation soon.