Oklahoma Senator on Kevin Durant: We would welcome him back any time

Not every single person in Oklahoma dislikes former Thunder forward Kevin Durant, who departed for the Golden State Warriors in free agency prior to last season. It really just might seem like it’s that way.

But if we were to ask Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma), he wouldn’t have any issue with Durant returning to the state the politician has pledged to represent.

“Kevin Durant would be welcome back in Oklahoma any time he’s willing to come and I want to be the first one he calls,” the Senator told TMZ Sports. “He took care of the victims of our tornadoes. He took care of families. Took care of little kids. So, he has a heart and he’s not a bad ballplayer.”

Inhofe did go on to indicate he believes Russell Westbrook is better than the reigning NBA Finals MVP. Though, that’s likely more Inhofe’s way of lobbing support to his home-state team.

As one of the most-powerful people in Oklahoma, it’s interesting that Inhofe would take this stance. Considering just how petty it has been between the Thunder and Durant since his departure, one has to wonder if this will cost the Senator votes in the next election cycle.

In all seriousness, it’s nice to see someone have a level-head over this entire situation. Leave it to a politician in an America where citizens cast them in less-than-stellar lights.