Odell Beckham Jr. being sued for $15 million after alleged assault

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. simply can’t keep his name out of the news this offseason. Some of it hasn’t been his fault. Other issues that have popped up are seemingly from years back. Even then, OBJ’s offseason has not gone too swimmingly.

Here’s the latest example of that. According to TMZ Sports, a man by the name of¬†Ishmael Temple is claiming in a new lawsuit that Beckham’s security detail beat the pulp out of him during a recent incident at the wide receiver’s house.

“Temple claims in a new lawsuit he’s been friends with Beckham. Temple claims he was invited to Beckham’s home in January,” the report read. “He says he was shaking hands with people inside the home and went for the hand of Beckham’s hired muscle, Charles Puryear, when the bodyguard pulled out a gun and pointed it toward him, saying, “I bet you’ve never gotten shot before.”

The suit goes on to claim that members of OBJ’s security detail punched Temple in the back of the head while stomping on him. Apparently, the issue stemmed from an earlier incident in which Temple attempted to retrieve his cellphone from Beckham’s home.

Temple is now suing OBJ for a cool $15 million due to the alleged incident.