Do not ask Aaron Rodgers to barbecue for you

By Rachel Wold

While some NFL quarterbacks are in turmoil with their teams or searching for new jobs, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is enjoying the Los Angeles lifestyle.

This includes grilling dinner with girlfriend Olivia Munn and celebrities Anna Faris and Chris Pratt. By the looks of this shriveled, burnt steak though, we would recommend that Rodgers stick to football rather than stepping foot into the kitchen.

Munn’s photo calling out Rodgers and Pratt to her one million Instagram followers is pretty priceless.

“When @annafaris and I bring our guys together we can barely contain the manliness. #fishing #grilling#whatisthat #burntsteak #steaksaucewillcoverthatup”

Sorry. But no amount of steak sauce or Ketchup would have improved the taste of that pathetic looking piece of meat.

Speaking on the hustle and bustle of the busy Los Angeles scene, Rodgers appears to take incidents such as Munn’s post turning into a news story all in stride, per Jason Wilde of ESPN.

“But it’s [also] fun. I think there’s a big crossover going on between obviously style and fashion and sports and entertainment. Obviously, you guys [in the media] have a job to do every single day, so you’re going to write about something, report about something. That’s your job. We live in the spotlight and you kind of get used to it.”

We might be seeing a little less of Rodgers on the social scene now that offseason workouts for the Packers have started. Rodgers and Co. could be poised for great success this season now that it has been revealed that the Packers clearly have the easiest schedule on tap for 2016.