Norv Turner on Adrian Peterson: “Looks like He Hasn’t Missed a Day”

By Rachel Wold

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson returned to practice with his team after nine months of being away from the field. Talking about Peterson’s physical condition, offensive coordinator Norv Turner had nothing but praise for the veteran running back:

“I’ve been around a lot of these guys a lot of years and he’s one of the top guys I’ve been around,” Turner said Thursday, via 1500 ESPN Radio. “He just comes out and looks like he hasn’t missed a day.”

Corner Captain Munnerlyn also shared Turner’s observation:

“He’d been out of football almost a whole year. A guy like him, though, I haven’t been around him a year, or six months, didn’t know if he’d come back in this type of shape.

“The guy is in unbelievable shape, like he hadn’t missed a step, and he’s out to prove a point.”

Peterson was apparently keeping in football shape by practicing on his own while away from the team. It doesn’t look like the 30-year-old running back will miss a beat once the regular season kicks off. Now that the Vikings have Peterson committed and back with the team, their offense looks balanced and could be one of the tougher ones to stop this fall. That’s only magnified by the progression of Teddy Bridgewater under center and the return of Kyle Rudolph from injury. Add in the acquisition of Mike Wallace, and things are looking up for his unit.

The fact that Peterson was able to put up an unbelievable 2,097 rushing yards in 2012—the season after returning from a torn ACL—is a reminder of the stellar physical capability he possesses.

Photo: USA Today