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NFLPA President: Union ‘has not agreed to any reopening plan’

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL wants to reopen as soon as possible and has its sights set on a completely normal 2020 season. On Tuesday, NFLPA President JC Tretter threw a bit of cold water on all that.

Tretter: NFLPA ‘has not agreed to any reopening plan’

Taking to social media Tuesday, Tretter wrote that “our union has not agreed to any reopening plan. Any reports about coming back to work are hypothetical. You will hear from the NFLPA when there are new developments.”

Everyone wants to play ball if it’s safe. Yet there have been veterans who have already made it clear they do not want to play unless it really is 100% safe. Safe for them and their families.

The first steps have been taken to getting pro sports back. Even states like California and New York have opened the door for teams to begin the reopening process. Yet players in all the big leagues have unions backing them, and extremely legitimate, extensive concerns to ponder.