NFL to Consider Three PAT Rule Change Possibilities at Owners’ Meeting

By Rachel Wold

According to reports, the NFL will consider three changes to its extra point rule at the owners’ meeting on Tuesday. The topic of changing the current PAT rule has been under consideration in the competition committee since the owners met during the winter.

Currently, extra points are attempted at the two-yard-line. All three proposed plans call for extra point attempts to be tried from the 15-yard-line with different variations.

If the current rule changes, it will mark the first time since 1994 that the league has adopted a scoring change. Interestingly, that specific change added the two-point conversion attempt. In order for one of these changes to be adopted, 24 of 32 owners would need to vote in favor.

Proposal 14, called the Patriots Plan, is the easiest. It would consist of  moving the PAT to the 15-yard line for a one-point attempts. If the team wanted to attempt two, it would be snapped at the two-yard line.

In another proposal, both teams would be allowed the opportunity to go for either one point or two. The PAT would be kicked at the 15-yard-line and the two-point conversion would be snapped as described in proposal 14. The only difference here is that a failed kick would not produce a dead ball.

Here are further details surrounding this alternate proposal:

“In this proposal, a try resulting in a touchdown for either team (such as an interception return for the defense) would mean two points are awarded. Currently, defensive teams can’t score during a try. If the try results in a safety for either team, it’s worth one point. A defense can be rewarded for a return (including a blocked kick) in this plan, perhaps making a kick more competitive.”

For proposal 14B—suggested by the Eagles—it would also allow either team to score the one or two points. Like the other plans, a PAT would be attempted at the 15. However, under this proposal, the two-point conversion snap would be done at the one-yard-line, likely resulting in teams wanting to attempt the two pointer more often.

Any of these proposed rules would certainly add for some extra excitement to the game. We will find out what might happen after the owners meet on Tuesday.


Photo: USA Today Sports