NFL hopeful Donte Rumph at it again, promotes himself on Twitter

Donte Rumph is desperate to fulfill his NFL dream.

Rumph, as you may remember, spent time living in a “Tent of Faith” outside Atlanta Falcons team facilities earlier this year trying to land an invitation for a tryout. He was drafted by Atlanta in 2014 but was cut in a very public way on HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” earning the moniker “Cupcake” last summer.

The Falcons didn’t grant his request, but the New York Jets called him in for a tryout in late April. Unfortunately, he didn’t impress the new regime enough to earn a spot on the 90-man roster heading into the summer.

That hasn’t deterred Rumph from continuing to pursue his passion. He sent out a Twitter blast on Tuesday night, letting every NFL team know he’s still around and interested in playing this season, along with the Twitter handle of his agent.

The former Kentucky star certainly has the outlook it takes to succeed. It remains to be seen, however, if his perseverance ends up getting him what he desires.

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports