NFL Announces $7.24 Billion in Revenue from 2014-2015 Season

Did the NFL cover up the Dwight Clark ALS announcement by announcing news Tom Brady's Super Bowl jerseys had been found the next day?

ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported on Monday that the NFL collected $7.24 billion in revenue for the 2014-15 season. Once the revenue was split between the 32 NFL teams, each collected $226.4 million. Most of the revenue was reportedly generated from television deals.

So that we can gain perspective on that massive figure, Rovell reported that five years ago the NFL split a little over $3 billion in national revenue.

ESPN’s Andrew Brandt pointed out this key fact:

Despite the brutal season the NFL endured with the “Deflategate” as well as the scandalous suspensions of key players such as Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and Greg Hardy, the NFL is as popular as ever.

Lucrative television contracts will likely keep flowing as long as viewers keep tuning in. People should continue to pay to be entertained—a fact that will continue to add money to the pot.

Photo: USA Today Sports