New York Mets to use cardboard cutouts of fans at Citi Field

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As the New York Mets prepare for the 2020 MLB season, they know things will be different this year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, the team has found a way to make an empty Citi Field a little more comfortable.

New York Mets to allow cardboard fan cutouts at Citi Field

While it won’t be as great as the robot fans used by a Taiwanese baseball team, the New York Mets will at least allow some fun this season. After finally offering refunds for 2020 games that fans won’t be able to attend due to COVID-19, the club came up with a unique way to fill seats.

The Mets announced Wednesday that they will put cardboard cutouts all around the stadium at Citi Field. Better yet, fans who renew their 2021 season tickets can get a personalized cutout of themselves and it will be placed around the stadium during games.

While fans won’t be allowed to pick specific seats for the cardboard version of themselves, the Mets will let them to get multiple versions if they buy multiple season tickets. The creative plan is currently only available for season ticket holders, but could eventually be offered to other fans.

It’s a nice bit of news for the fans who are desperate for baseball this year. Of course, the fan base will be more elated once the Wilpon family sells the team.

Fortunately, bids will be submitted Thursday and multibillionaire Steve Cohen might be the favorite to take over control of the club.