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New York Jets head coach takes subtle swipe at Zach Wilson after Week 12 win

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Credit: USA Today Network

After the New York Jets’ dominant win over the Chicago Bears in Week 12, one player and the team’s head coach couldn’t help but knock demoted starter quarterback Zach Wilson about the improved play at the position this week.

Last Sunday, Wilson had a second straight poor showing against the New England Patriots that only intensified the spotlight already on the second-year signal-caller. While the team had a winning record in his seven starts, the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft had not been taking the steps forward in his game that the organization was hoping for.

Wilson’s terrible showing in Week 11, and his complete lack of accountability for his part in a frustrating loss led second-year head coach Robert Saleh to make the bold move of benching Wilson in favor of young journeyman Mike White.

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Well, on Sunday, White showed his head coach that he made the right choice by throwing for over 300 yards, logging three touchdowns, and only missing on six of his 28 passes. It was the kind of efficient and effective performance that the team lacked at QB with Wilson. After the game, one player and the New York Jets head coach accidentally (maybe) knocked Wilson in their compliments of how well White played.

New York Jets head coach takes subtle jab at Zach Wilson in complimenting Mike White’s performance

new york jets
Credit: Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Following the team’s 31-10 win at home, Saleh was asked about Mike White’s performance. And in praising his new starter he inadvertently took a bit of a shot at Wilson. “He made easy look easy,” the New York Jets head coach said (via Ian Rapoport). Easy plays being just that has not been something New York fans have seen at quarterback often in recent weeks.

However, the subtle slights did not end there. Formerly disgruntled wide receiver Elijah Moore called the game “too much fun” and explained that Sunday was how the team should have always been playing.

  • Zach Wilson stats (2022): 1,279, 4 TD, 5 INT, 43.8 QBR

“That’s what happens when we play New York Jets football. That’s the real New York Jets football,” he said (via SNY). Obviously, if that’s how Jets football should look it clearly wasn’t being shown in previous weeks with a different player at the most important spot on the field.

Zach Wilson has only had one game in 2022 where he threw for over 300 yards and never surpassed two touchdowns in any game this year.