New Minnesota Vikings Offensive Lineman Wants to “Put J.J. Watt to the Ground”

Babatunde Aiyegbusi, the newest offensive tackle on the Minnesota Vikings roster, stands a massive 6’9″ and weighs a lofty 351 pounds. He comes to the NFL via the Wroclaw Giants of the Polish American Football League.

Though Aiyegbusi was expected to be thrilled about his new NFL contract, his main focus is already on Houston Texans star defensive end, J.J. Watt.

According to Tom Pelissero of USA Today Sports, Aiyegbusi’s apparent lack of happiness surprised Vikings’ director of player personnel Ryan Monnens.

“What surprised Ryan – I wasn’t jumping around, like big, happy of signing it. He was like, ‘Are you not happy?’ I said, ‘I will be happy when I put J.J. Watt to the ground.”

Hey J.J., did you hear that from your cabin in the middle of nowhere? Probably not.

Aiyegbusi must wait to fulfill his NFL dream of leveling Watt because the Vikings aren’t even scheduled to play the Texans until 2016. Plus, Aiyegbusi needs to actually make the starting roster from the practice squad to have a chance at Watt anyway.

Considering Aiyegbusi’s stately size, though, hopefully he plays nice with his teammates once offseason practice begins. Nobody wants that “big deal” mowing them over on the field.

Photo: USA Today Images