NBA community reacts to Kevin Durant reportedly choosing Nets in free agency

Courtesy of Cary Edmondson, USA Today Sports

Kevin Durant is reportedly signing a deal with the Brooklyn Nets in free agency, leaving millions on the table by spurning the Golden State Warriors.

Adrian Wojnarowski was the first to report this incredible news, with multiple other NBA insiders coming immediately after to confirm it. It’s a stunning development that suddenly thrusts the Nets into the national spotlight.

As the decision by Durant circulated around social media, the basketball community as a whole offered various reactions to the news.

Many went right to offering condolences to the New York Knicks, who were desperately hoping to land the superstar.

Others took a more league-wide view of the Durant news.

No matter how you slice it, the Durant news caught everyone by surprise, and it has league-wide ramifications for the next few years.