Navorro Bowman Stats Say He’s Best Of 2010 NFL Draft

Today on the March 6th, 2014 Sports Unfiltered podcast TC is riding solo and riffin’ on the new Sportsnaut feature “2010 NFL Draft Class Review: Five-Best Picks.” TC takes on the list and based on Navorro Bowman stats he finds that Greg Hardy. Listen now…

Navorro Bowman Stats Say He’s Best Of 2010 NFL Draft


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What was the best pick of the 2010 NFL Draft? Today TC  breakdowns the draft based the latest feature on Sportsnaut. The #1 pick of the NFL 2010 Draft was Sam Bradford, who hasn’t been a Super Bowl quarterback in his first several seasons with the St. Louis Rams. And the way it’s going, it appears he’s perhaps another five years away from even being considered a Super Bowl quarterback. It’s Navorro Bowman stats that say he’s the best pick in the 2010 NFL draft.

Navorro Bowman Stats Show Highlights:

  • The Seattle Seahawks scored big in the 2010 NFL Draft
  • Tim Tebow was a first round pick in 2010
  • Eric Decker and Alteraun Verner did not make the list
  • Listen in to find out more

Plus TC (your host and ringmaster) is riffin’ on the headlines of the day including CBS Sports opting for Bleacher Report-type of content with the MLB All-Crayon team that featured the likes of Pete Rose, Frank White, and the legendary Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown. Plus Dominique Wilkins doesn’t think that much of LeBron James’ 61-point output – But what about his rings, ‘Nique? And finally Ronda Rousey is ready to army crawl her way to a win over Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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