Malcolm Michaels

Malcolm Michaels
You know who Mutt Lange is? Exactly. Like him, I am recluse and a cheerful Svengali.
Jacque Jones of the Washington Nationals

Former MLB star being sued for posting ‘revenge porn’ on Facebook

Washington Nationals assistant coach Jacque Jones has been suspended by the team after a lawsuit revealed that Jones allegedly shared initimate photos of a former girlfriend. The relationship,...
Mets fan

MLB predictions for 2017 that don’t suck

Every year the geniuses at ESPN, MLB Network, blah blah blah, make their MLB predictions on who's going to make the playoffs, win the World Series and...
Richard Sherman Seattle Seahawks

Is Richard Sherman delusional about Colin Kaepernick?

When asked by ESPN recently if Colin Kaepernick is being blackballed because of his controversial political stance, Seattle Seahawks All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman had this to say: "I'm...
Julio Jones

Fun facts from NFL Week 4

Week 4 of the 2016 NFL season is in the books, and there were quite a few interesting nuggets of knowledge that emerged from the action. From a...
Minnesota Vikings 2016 Schedule

Minnesota Vikings 2016 Schedule

The Minnesota Vikings 2016 Schedule for the regular season kicks off with a game against the Titans in Tennessee and concludes with a home game against the...
Ballers Season One Review

‘Ballers’ season one review: More Rock, please

Ever since that pants fitting scene in "Be Cool," the not-so-great follow-up to "Get Shorty," The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) has been a star on the big...

Why 26 NBA teams are useless fodder every year

Tell me, can you remember the last Cinderella team in the NBA? Every year the NBA goes through the motion of playing 82 games for each team. Then two...
LeBron James Isaiah Thomasvideo

WATCH: LeBron James & Jimmy Fallon Go 1-on-1

After Jimmy Fallon did a Rock/Jason Paul-Pierre number on this finger last month, he's now back on the Tonight Show and working him mojo with Cleveland Cavaliers...
LeBron James Isaiah Thomasvideo

WATCH: Most Expensive NBA Finals Ever?

Of course it will be the most expensive NBA Finals, unless the Jazz and the Bucks meet next year. Inflation is fun!
Jahlil Okaforvideo

Timberwolves or Lakers: The Jahlil Okafor Hype Video

Doing our best Rick Grimes, will the Timberwolves select "KARRRRRRRRRRL"-Anthony Towes or Jahlil Okafor? Hard to ignore the magic of Okafor in action. Though I suppose a video...

WATCH: Metta World Peace Picks Up Five Fouls in One Minute

Or if you prefer, The Panda's Friend. Or Ron Artest. Don't you think it's sad he has a ring the Lakers?

VIDEO: 30th Anniversary of “Spin and Win” at the Indy 500

Thirty years ago this weekend is the anniversary of the perhaps the greatest save in the history of auto racing. As we celebrate the start of the summer,...

VIDEO: David Letterman’s Most Memorable Sports Moments

Hundreds of millions of people have grown up on David Letterman over the past 33 years. Dave is putting his career to bed on Wednesday night. Perhaps...

The Mock Draft that Mocks Mock Drafts

For the last three months, particularly the last three weeks, NFL fans have been inundated with mock drafts. It's a fun novelty, yet the mock drafts are...

WATCH: Julian Edelman’s Star Wars & Patriots Mashup

What do you think about Julian Edelman as Luke Skywalker? Bill Belichick as Darth Vader? Or how about Tom Brady as... Princess Leia?!? The always feisty and fun-loving...
San Diego Chicken

WATCH: Chicken Finger Delay between Giants & D’Backs

In 1982, the Weather Girls made the song "It's Raining Men" famous. Thursday night in a game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Francisco Giants at...

New Star Wars Trailer Arrives with Han & Chewbacca The NHL Playoffs are underway. The NBA playoffs get started on Thursday. Major League Baseball is now in full swing. And the NFL Draft is right around...

WATCH: MLB’s 10 Best Moments This Past Week Albert Pujols' career trajectory may have slowed down a great deal recently, but surpassing Ted Williams, Willie McCovey and Frank Thomas for 18th on the all-time homer list...
Jed Lowrievideo

WATCH: Jed Lowrie with Home Run to Break up Cleveland No-Hitter Trevor Bauer had gone six perfect innings, sans five based on balls. Kyle Crockett threw another no-hit inning. Scott Atchison followed without giving up a hit. Enter...
Rob Gronkowski

Sports World Personalities Who Could Host “The Daily Show”

Democratic politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Bill Clinton are sad to hear the news. Those on the Upper West Side of New York, as well as those...
Baltimore Orioles Defense Outstanding in the Field

Baltimore Orioles Defense Outstanding in the Field

The Baltimore Orioles defense is doing something amazing this season. With players like Manny Machado, J.J. Hardy, and David Lough leading the charge the Orioles might just...
The Future of Bryce Harper

The Future of Bryce Harper and a Look at the Toronto Blue Jays

TC and Matthew Kory are looking into a crystal baseball today. With Bryce Harper being put on the disabled list on April 26th prior to the final game...
Boston Red Sox Early-Season Evaluation

Boston Red Sox Early-Season Evaluation

TC is joined on the podcast today by Joon Lee to talk about the Boston Red Sox. Today we take a look at the 2014 Red Sox...

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