NFL Draft 2020 – Quarterbacks Preview

NFL Draft

The 2020 NFL Draft is just a few weeks away, but where will the top quarterbacks land? Today on the podcast, TC and NFL Editor Matt Johnson predict the landing spots for the top NFL Draft quarterback prospects.

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Everyone expects the Cincinnati Bengals to draft Joe Burrow with the No. 1 overall pick, but what if the Miami Dolphins come with a mega offer? The guys examine why the Cincinnati Bengals would be better off rejecting all trade offers and making Joe Burrow their franchise quarterback.

NFL Draft 2020 Quarterbacks

Meanwhile, Tua Tagovailoa’s draft stock continues to hang in the balance as the NFL Draft nears. Given his medical concerns and uncertainty, the Miami Dolphins might have another quarterback in mind to lead their franchise.

The guys also dive into long-term quarterback solutions for the Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders. Both AFC West teams have short-term starters, but they want a face for the future. TC and Matt look at their options and provide them with two of the NFL Draft’s best quarterbacks,

Finally, TC and Matt take a look at some of the other names for fans to keep an eye on during the 2020 NFL Draft. Could former Georgia Bulldogs QB Jake Fromm sneak into the first round? What teams could be a sleeper to draft a quarterback early? All the answers are here on the latest Reckless Speculation’s NFL podcast.

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