MLB to host food festival in three major cities

By Vincent Frank
Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball is taking its love of food to an entirely new level. The league announced recently that it will be holding three different food festivals in Los Angeles, New York City and across the pond in London.

The festival will host food from MLB’s 30 stadiums with some more of an international feel to it.

“MLB FoodFest is a one-of-its-kind event that gives fans the opportunity to taste special menu items from ALL 30 ballparks,” the league announced. “We’re talking the D-Backs’ Churro Dog, the Mariners’ toasted grasshoppers, the Dodgers’ Sisig Fries, and so much more, all in one indoor space. In addition to the ballpark bites, the indoor d├ęcor will include food-inspired activations and interactive exhibits perfect for your Instagram feed.”

The first festival will take place in Los Angeles from April 26-28. Standard food tickets start at $45.00 With eight food items and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks.

Major League Baseball has yet to set a date for either the New York City or London festivals. That will come here soon.

What an absolutely amazing idea for the league. America’s Pastime, baseball has also become synonymous with rare eats and what many now call craft food. This takes that to an entirely new level.