Mike Zimmer has chosen Vikings starting QB, won’t reveal until Sunday

By Jesse Reed

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer knows who will start behind center on Sunday when his team takes on the Tennessee Titans, but it’s a secret.

Of his two choices, Shaun Hill or Sam Bradford, it makes the most sense to start the career backup who’s been in Norv Turner’s system since last year. He can implement the entire playbook, whereas the Vikings will be limited if Bradford ends up starting.

That said, given the hefty price tag Minnesota agreed to with the Philadelphia Eagles to acquire Bradford, perhaps there is pressure to start him right away.

This upcoming game is on the road, however. Trotting Bradford out there against a Dick Lebeau-coordinated defense in a hostile environment just doesn’t sound like a good idea.

It was reported shortly after the trade that Hill would get the start in Week 1 and that Bradford would be an emergency backup. That seems like the most prudent course to take at this juncture.

We’ll find out soon enough who the Vikings have tabbed.