Mike Leach rants against CFP committee

Washington State coach Mike Leach is not a fan of the College Football Playoff committee. In fact, it’s safe to say that he’s not a fan of any committees.

Prior to the new rankings being released on Tuesday, Leach went on a solid rant about committees, imagining how this one might have been formed.

“‘We’re America and we love committees. Let’s get us a committee. Who should be on the committee? Well, I don’t know. This guy’s a good guy, let’s have him on the committee.’ I mean, there’s people on the committee who don’t even have remote associations with football, nor have they at any level. Other than being a fan. ‘But you know what? Let’s have ’em on a committee. Why not? I mean, it’d be fun, we’d go to the resort, we could talk, we could hang out at dinner, and then we’ll decide which four teams should go.'”

Leach called for an extended playoff system. Rather than “reinventing the wheel,” he likened that to “clumping down the road on our square wheel, considering the notion of rounding some of the edges off so it’ll spin.”

The rant is absolutely worth the time to watch. It would be worth watching just for Leach’s take and hilarious, subtle tone changes. But he actually offered several ideas that he finds superior.

“Let’s see. We could copy the NFL. We could copy Division 2. We could copy one double-A, or whatever that division is called now that they changed all the initials because they want to confuse everybody. And then, they want to be able to say ‘Ha, you were wrong, because it’s called ABC something or other. So now you’ve got more to remember, just because we had a committee, and we don’t have anything better to do other than have a committee and change all of the initials.'”

Please, let’s find a way to get this guy in front of a microphone more often. He’s not only hilarious (check out his take on candy corn), but also offers potential solutions.

We’d suggest that he should be a part of the committee when he’s done coaching, but we can’t imagine Leach wants any part of that.