Mike Evans buys family and friends 50-plus tickets for Cowboys game

By Rachel Wold
Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Evans and his red-hot Tampa Bay Buccaneers are prepping to play the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium this Sunday night on national television.

As a way to celebrate the night, Evans will be surrounded by 50-plus of his closest friends and family, who’ll be watching him in action.

How nice is this? Tickets to any Cowboys game, let alone one in Dallas, must cost a small fortune. The Cowboys have been truly worth watching this year, especially when compared to last year’s shipwreck.

This is sure to be a sold-out event not only featuring tons of Cowboys fans, but also Buccaneers fans as well.

Tampa Bay has been a force to contend with as of late. Evans himself has already tallied 1,100 yards and 10 touchdowns. Quarterback Jameis Winston is having an excellent season as well, having thrown for 14 touchdowns compared to just four interceptions in his last eight games.

Evans’ friends and family attending might want to brace themselves watching Quarterback Dak Prescott on the field, being Cowboys fans. The Buccaneers defense has allowed only two passing touchdowns in its last three games. In the same time, the defense has snagged seven interceptions.

But the burning question here is whether Winston bought the tickets for his family and friends to sit on Dallas’ side or on the visitor’s side?

Regardless, it should be quite the game. Hopefully, Evans can focus on getting his team a ninth win while not being distracted with watching himself on the big screen Sunday evening.