WATCH: Michael Floyd blows up defender on Julian Edelman 77-yard TD

There were two humongous highlights on one single play Sunday when the New England Patriots took on the Miami Dolphins. In the third quarter, Tom Brady hit Julian Edelman on a short slant. Edelman shook his defender and cut up field, scoring on a 77-yard touchdown thanks in large part to a savage block by fellow receiver, Michael Floyd.

Here’s a close-up view of the devastating block on Miami’s Tony Lippett.

And here’s a look at the entire play, from the perfect throw by Brady to the outstanding run after the catch by Edelman to the block by Floyd.

This touchdown put the Patriots up over the Dolphins by the score of 27-14.

Floyd, who caught a touchdown pass earlier in this game (watch here), is making it clear he’s going to be a valuable addition to New England’s roster as the Pats prepare for the postseason.