Michael Bennett criticizes cost of Stephen Curry’s basketball camp

By Vincent Frank

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett has never been afraid to speak out about issues surrounding the sports world and the broader landscape of American society.

It’s his outspoken and sometimes comedic nature that makes him a gem in the Pacific Northwest.

In talking about community service and how professional athletes should give back, Bennett criticized two-time reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry and the cost of his basketball camp.

“I see a lot of different athletes come through Hawaii whether it’s Steph Curry or whoever it is,” Bennett said, via khon2.com. “They all come here and it makes me mad, because I live in this community and I understand this community — that there’s so many kids who can’t afford to pay such a high amount of money. In my mind it’s like, how much money do you need before you start giving back for free? And I think a lot of athletes should start focusing on that.”

While Bennett is surely pointing a finger at Curry here, he’s making sure to paint the picture in broader strokes. There has been a ton of criticism directed at athletes for charging too much for sports-related off-season camps.

Curry’s particular camp comes at a cost of $2,250, a number that a lot of families simply can’t afford for an overnight get-together. That’s an absurd amount of money, something that puts a limitation on those who can attend.

In terms of Curry’s overall community service, he is one of the most altruistic individuals in the basketball world.

The star guard has donated the vehicles he won for earning the MVP in each of the past two years to local Bay Area charities. He also works with the United Nation’s Nothing But Nets Foundation aimed at preventing malaria infection in Africa.

Despite this off-court community work that Curry does, one still has to wonder why he’s charging over $2,000 for an overnight basketball camp.

Bennett, who is about to hold a free football camp in Hawaii, is most definitely a voice of authority on this. Maybe others around the sports world should heed his call.