Metallica concert thrashes Tigers’ Comerica Park

Comerica Park
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers are set to open their second half at home against the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday. It will be the first time in more than a week that the Tigers have played at their home, Comerica Park.

When Detroit returned, the team found that a part of its field was thrashed. Metallica held a concert at the stadium on Wednesday, which chewed up the outfield grass.

“It’s not pretty. There’s no question about that,” manager Brad Ausmus said, via Evan Woodbery, Mlive.com. Ausmus did add that “It looks worse than it is.”

While it’s no doubt frustrating, there’s no need for the Tigers to go and dub Metallica unforgiven.

These kind of events are far from unprecedented. Major bands often go to MLB and NFL stadiums during summer tours and it’s not terribly uncommon to see discolored grass in the outfield. In a more humid city that gets rain and mud (like Detroit), it’s even less uncommon.

As Woodbery noted, it’s a temporary inconvenience.

The Tigers are only home for three days before going on the road until July 24. In the mean time, an international soccer exhibition will be played at Comerica. Following that, the field will be re-sodded.

Until then, the outfielders in Detroit will just need to step carefully, wherever they may roam.