Matt Forte on Bears’ Woes: “Whatever Happens…Happens”

By Rachel Wold

The Chicago Bears took a beating once again on Monday Night Football, losing 31-15 to the New Orleans Saints.

With the whole team feeling completely defeated at this point in the season, Bears’ workhorse running back Matt Forte had this to comment about the team’s woes (via

I’m here to play football and be coached and be coachable. Whatever happens … happens. I do my best to learn what I need to in the classroom and go out and display that on the field.

It’s really a sad situation for a running back as productive as Forte to face as the 2014 regular season winds down. While Forte rolls with the punches, most of the blame certainly lies with the Bears’ quarterback Jay Cutler, whom NFL Media Insider Marshall Faulk called “an offensive coordinator killer”.

The Bears have lost six of their last eight games and face Detroit in Week 16, the team who annihilated them three weeks ago. With the Bears’ season going down in flames, all Forte can do is show up and at least try to perform at his best while he puts a new quarterback for the Bears on his Christmas wish list for next year.