Matt Barkley wearing a wetsuit under uniform to combat freezing temperatures

By Jesse Reed

It’s freaking cold in Chicago. Like, throw water into the air and watch it freeze cold. According to, it feels like it’s minus-four degrees currently, and the Chicago Bears are about to host the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field.

With that in mind, it’s not too surprising to know that some players are going to great lengths to stay warm. Bears quarterback Matt Barkley is one of those players. While some of his teammates won’t heed head coach John Fox’s advice (more on that here), Barkley is going to wear a wetsuit under his jersey to keep the cold at bay, per Michele Steele of ESPN.

Apparently this is a tip he picked up from Matt Cassell, who learned it from Tom Brady, per Steele.

At this point, the biggest question we have is this: Does Barkley know the trick divers use to keep themselves warm while swimming in the deep blue sea?

Stay warm out there, folks. And don’t eat the yellow snow.