Marvin Lewis not a fan of Adam Jones’ rant against Terrelle Pryor

Adam Jones made headlines over the weekend when he slammed Terrelle Pryor before and after the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Cleveland Browns, 23-10.

Before the game, Jones made it clear he does not like Pyor and said he is nothing special on the football field, among other things (more on that here).

After Jones and the Bengals held Pryor to just one catch for three yards on just three targets, he took his trash-talking game to another level.

Head coach Marvin Lewis was not amused, however.

It’s worth pointing out that Lewis didn’t exactly lay the hammer down here. But then again, this is the same coach who didn’t think Vontaze Burfict went “over the edge” last year when the linebacker went head hunting against Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown.

Jones is known for being a bit feisty, both on and off the field. Clearly, he took offense to something Pryor has said or done and isn’t interested in backing off the criticism any time soon. And based on Lewis’ inability to control his players in the past, there is no reason to believe anything he says about the situation will sway Jones.