Martellus Bennett gives impassioned plea for ‘black kids’ to dream bigger than sports

By Rachel Wold

Those who follow the NFL’s Bennett Brothers know they don’t hold anything back when it comes to speaking their mind. This time around, we checked in on New England Patriots tight end, Martellus Bennett. He has had plenty of time to chat via his Twitter, now that Super Bowl LI is in the bag.

This tweet in particular stood out to us.

This is just a small example of how many people tend to profile and stereotype particular races and genders. All kids start school on an even slate and can set out to do anything that they desire. At least it should be this way.

The comments on Bennett’s post support his line of thinking. They actually get us all thinking.

Bennett also says on his tweet thread that he wants “to introduce them (kids) to new possibilities.” He mentions music, film and writing. At the same time, Bennett says “there’s nothing wrong with being an athlete.” But, the message he conveys is there are so many options for kids out there.

This is a message that everybody, young and old and in between can take to heart and think of each morning when we wake.

Bennett will surely have plenty more to share over the upcoming months as he prepares to enter his 10th year of his NFL career. He is slated to become a free agent in March unless the Patriots decide to re-sign him for another season or two.

Bennett recorded 701 yards and a career-high seven touchdowns in 2016.