Marshawn Lynch on young Raiders running backs: ‘I’m their daddy’

Can Marshawn Lynch help lead his Raiders to the Super Bowl?

The things that come out of Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch’s mouth never cease to amaze us.

He is one of the veteran players of the bunch, so it is only appropriate that Lynch has taken to mentoring younger Raiders running backs.

But, only Lynch would term his leadership role in this manner.

“They’re all talented,” Lynch said at the end of training camp, according to Scott Bair of CSN Bay Area. “The biggest thing is that most of them probably were watching me when they were in middle school or high school, so it’s kind of crazy. I call all of them my kids, so I’m their daddy.”

That’s so classic. Lynch has reportedly been impressed with youngsters Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington. Richard shared this about Lynch’s critique of he and Washington.

“He told me he watched my film. He said, ‘You’ve got it,’” Richard said. “Then he told me things I needed to tweak. He pointed out hits I was taking when I shouldn’t. There’s a time and a place for being physical, but he stressed the importance of taking care of your body. He’s been out there, telling us to be patient. He points things out to me and (DeAndre Washington) all the time.”

Richard and Washington sit behind Lynch on the depth chart. Lynch is slated for the largest role and most carries of the group. But, occasionally, Lynch will need to rest while his “kids” help give him breathers.

Preserving Lynch so that he is healthy for a playoff run is the goal. A happy balance between what Beast Mode brings to the table coupled with Richard and Washington’s contribution will keep the Raiders rushing offense up to snuff.