Mark Sanchez says Everyone Wants to be the Starting Quarterback

By Rachel Wold

The Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback situation will be one of the most exciting ones to monitor over the summer. The Eagles specifically traded for Sam Bradford in March, a move that would lead us to believe they intend to make him the starting quarterback. However, head coach Chip Kelly is now claiming that all the team’s quarterbacks will be competing for the starting job.

Quarterback Mark Sanchez, whom the Eagles re-signed for two years prior to trading for Bradford, weighed in about the job he is going to make every attempt to hold:

“Everybody wants to be the starter and I’m no different,” Sanchez said Thursday, per the team’s official website. “Coach will make that determination at some point. We want everybody to be healthy. But that doesn’t affect how I prepare or how I transition into this next season,” Sanchez said. “All of us come into that quarterback room, walk in the huddle, you act like you’re the starter. That’s the only way I know how to play. As soon as you start thinking or counting reps or, ‘I wonder if this guy’s going to be healthy,’ then you’re already beat. There’s no point in being out here.”

Right now, Sanchez is the healthiest and most-experienced guy heading into the competition. Bradford was spotted limping on Thursday and appears to have experienced a minor setback in his rehabilitation. He has also played only seven games in the last two years. To say Bradford has some rust to shake off would be an understatement. Additionally, Kelly refused to be specific regarding Bradford’s timeline for return to full health.

If Sanchez can outplay both Tim Tebow and Matt Barkley—something that doesn’t appear too challenging at this time—he will definitely have a shot at seeing more practice reps during the teams’s OTAs.

Bradford’s health seems to be the key here. If he’s still gimpy come the beginning of August, it would appear that Sanchez’ wish of earning the starting role may just come to fruition.

Photo: USA Today Sports