LOOK: Vegas Golden Knights with Tweet of the year candidate

Coming off an inaugural season that saw them earn a spot in the Stanley Cup Finals, the expansion Las Vegas Golden Knights are in goods spirits.

And if you follow their social media team on Twitter, the Knights might actually have the best professional sports account.

Friday showed this in an absolutely brilliant way.

As reports surfaced that 100 goats were spotted on the loose in Idaho, Vegas pretty much submitted a Tweet of the year candidate. It’s GOAT β€” almost literally.

This isn’t wrong, at all.Β Marc-Andre Fleury absolutely dominated in his initial season with Vegas, recording a 29-13-4 record while posting a 2.24 GAA. A three-time Stanley Cup winner,Β Fleury is considered one of the greatest goalies of all-time.

Let’s just hope he’s not out there in Boise actually running with the goats. No one needs to see that.