LOOK: Some Lakers fans really aren’t excited about LeBron James

When the news broke that the Los Angeles Lakers had landed LeBron James on a four-year deal, most of Lakers Nation rejoiced that The King was coming to Los Angeles.

The key word there is “most,” because based on what some Lakers fans did to a mural in Southern California, it’s clear there are some who aren’t excited about this.


The “We don’t want you” scribbled on the mural speaks for itself, as does “No King.” The “3-6” reference may seem obvious to us here, but in case you don’t get it the numbers represent James’ record in the NBA Finals.

Obviously, some fans don’t think adding King James to the mix is going to lead to much success.

For what it’s worth, that’s an awful take.

It’s also historically ignorant. Before Magic Johnson arrived on the scene in 1979, the Los Angeles Lakers went 2-8 in 10 NBA Finals opportunities. One player can make all the difference in the world.

Whether James is able to break through to win a fourth career title playing for the Lakers in the future remains to be seen. The Western Conference is insanely difficult, and as the team is currently constructed Los Angeles likely doesn’t have enough firepower. But at least the Lakers will be competitive, which is something we haven’t been able to say for a few years.