LOOK: Patriots fan wears realistic Tom Brady mask

By Vincent Frank

Those plastic Halloween masks people put over their faces. Yeah, those can be rather scary. It is, however, the life-like masks that can really look creepy.

Related. This photo of a New England Patriots fan wearing a Tom Brady mask during the team’s season opener against the Arizona Cardinals is about as creepy as it gets.

So many questions. What material is that made out of? Did the fan fool others into thinking that Brady himself was just hanging out with the public while suspended for the game? Does the fan wear this mask often? How does his significant other deal with this? Heck, did the guy have it specially made?

Hoping that this mask isn’t necessarily carved from Brady’s face itself, we can probably assume it was more of a joke than anything else. If not, let’s just hope this doesn’t start a trend. No one needs to be this freaked out watching a football game.