LOOK: Michael Vick ready to join the Warriors

By Vincent Frank

The Golden State Warriors could definitely use a backup shooting guard after seeing both Leandro Barbosa and Brandon Rush depart in free agency.

It’s the price you pay for adding one of the top players in the modern history of the NBA in Kevin Durant.

Looking to potentially help out in that area, unemployed NFL quarterback Michael Vick has seemingly thrown his hat into the ring.

Why not? Vick surely still has some athleticism left in that body. We’re pretty sure he can also go toe-to-toe with some of the league’s worst perimeter defenders. Yes we’re talking to you, Mr. James Harden.

Vick might also be able to join reigning Super Bowl MVP Von Miller in Oakland. After all, the Denver Broncos linebacker has expressed an interest in the Warriors.

Jokes aside, Vick’s professional football career is looking as good as over at this point. The former No. 1 pick of the Atlanta Falcons played for the Pittsburgh Steelers a season ago, putting up just two touchdowns and one interception in five games (two starts).

At least he’s still in good spirits and can joke about it all.