LOOK: Cubs minor league affiliate to celebrate ‘Mister Rogers Night’

As Hollywood prepares for two motion pictures celebrating the legacy and life of our childhood favorite, Mister Rogers, baseball is getting into the action.

The Chicago Cubs’ Single-A affiliate in South Bend will host a “Mister Rogers Night” in August, paying homage to one of the greatest children’s show hosts ever.


The tie and patentend red sweater on the jersey is just a tremendous look.

From 1968-2001, Fred Rogers hosted the hit “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” on PBS. It remains one of the most iconic shows for generations of children in the United States.

Taking on issues from sexuality to racism and disease, Rogers changed what it meant to communicate to children from the television screen.

The legendary Tom Hanks is playing Mister Rogers in a yet-to-be released biopic called “You Are My Friend.” There’s also a documentary set to be released on the iconic figure later this year.

Obviously, the Cubs and others around the sports world will attempt to play to their base by paying homage to a man who many of us considered an extended member of our family growing up.