LOOK: Chicago bar with epic Sister Jean sign ahead of Final Four

Sister Jean

Loyola Chicago is taking on the Michigan Wolverines in the Final Four Saturday for a chance to play in Monday’s National Championship Game. The basketball world will never be the same if the Ramblers and team chaplain Sister Jean are able to hoist the trophy.

As the entire city of Chicago looks on to watch its best basketball team in action, the Sportsman’s Club bar in downtown is taking things to an entirely new level.

Check out the sign they have posted inside their establishment.

“Sister Jean drinks High Life.”

It honestly doesn’t get much better than this. They’re referencing Miller High Life. And we’re all for the 98-year-old nun throwing back a few brews should her team upset the basketball world and come away with a title.

Sister Jean is already an icon. She’s close to becoming a national treasure. Seeing her down some High Life might simply be too much for the world to handle. That’s why we’re all for it. Because, why the heck not?