LOOK: Cavaliers ‘rally towels’ for Game 3 are just ridiculous

The Cleveland Cavaliers need a win in Game 3 of their Eastern Conference Finals series against the Boston Celtics Saturday night to avoid going down 3-0.

It’s a less-than-ideal situation for the three-time defending conference champs. Heck, even LeBron James lost sleep over the team’s latest loss.

We’re not sure if these souvenirs being handed out to fans inside¬†Quicken Loans Arena before Game 3 are meant to help. We do know one thing. They’re all sorts of ridiculous.

Rally-shirt-towels. Really?

They look more like a mouse pad than anything else. The hope here is that these rally-shirt towels will somehow lead to an imposing road environment for the young Boston Celtics.

Good luck with that.