Le’Veon Bell’s trainer refutes report RB is out of shape

Le'Veon Ball pinky
Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

We all like media leaks. Most of them don’t do anything to add to the conversation. Instead, they simply fan the flames.

While this is true in the broader context of society, it’s even more prevalent in the sports world today. We’ve seen stories break based on a lack of any real credible information.

That was no different earlier on Thursday when a report noted that Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell was out of shape. How much so? Well, said report indicated that Bell “ballooned” up to 260 pounds while holding out last season.

Given that his listed weight is 225, this seemed to be nonsense. Bell’s longtime trainer — someone the back has worked with since his days at Michigan State — refuted this report later on Thursday.

Could this have been the Steelers’ way of complicating things further after the team pretty much announced that it won’t re-sign him in free agency?

Could it be the Jets attempting to lower Bell’s asking price as the team find itself in the market for the running back come March?

We really have no way to tell. But one thing is for sure here. Bell is out here to prove skeptics and naysayers wrong. We highly doubt that he gained 35 pounds as he prepares for what could be a record-breaking free agent contract.